Saturday, May 3, 2014

Red HeadShots

What is your comfort zone?  For me, I've become comfortable with wedding photography.  There was a time when it scared me to death, and I'd stay up the night before a wedding just worried.  Now, it's a piece of cake.  I have fun with weddings.

Remy is a friend of mine from way back.  She contacted me recently to tell me that she's been doing some acting and needed theatrical headshots.  I've done headshots for actors and models, but it's been a while.  We had a photo session at my house with my portable studio equipment (studio strobes, background, beauty dish etc).  It was fun.  I remembered some of the posing that I used to do years ago, and felt creative.

I was out of my comfort zone, but change is a good thing.  Like Zack Arias used to say, "It's just light, shadow, aperture, shutter speed".  Simple right?

I hope Remy has good luck in her acting projects, and I hope these headshots help a casting director see a little personality in the image.  Thanks Remy for reminding me that getting out of my comfort zone is good now and then.