Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding in Luckenbach Texas - Kevin and Marsha

There's sort of a sad story that relates to the details on how I ended up photographing this beautiful wedding, but that's for another blog.  

Let me tell you about Marsha and Kevin.  It proves the point that you should never say "Never".  Marsha is a strong woman, and a tremendous personality.  She was a single mom, raising John Michael, and one look at John Michael and you'll understand the upbringing he had.  At fifteen, he is polite, respectful and intelligent.  In my book, that speaks volumes about his mother.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Cats are Plotting To Kill Me...

Okay... maybe it's my imagination, but why is it that whenever I'm a little late on feeding the cats, they look at me like they are going to kill me later?  They are used to getting their breakfast by 8 am, and this morning it's Fathers Day... so I'm being kind of laid back.  It was an awesome wedding last night, and I'm sore.

So I get up a little late (for me) and I'm sitting at the computer, and I realize that all the cats are staring at me through the window.  They're not saying anything that I can hear...  but maybe they're sending telepathic messages that are screaming "It's past 9:00!! Feed us now, or we will slit your throat!!"

Harley is my dog.  I'm a dog guy.  She's a great dane.  She's the most laid back dog in the world.  If I'm late with her dinner, she still thanks me.  I guess that's the difference between dogs and cats.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bridal Portraits at Kendall Plantation

I met Katy and her fiance' on the Riverwalk when I shot their engagement pictures.  She told me that her wedding venue was the Kendall Plantation.  

I've been to the Kendall Plantation, and I've driven past it hundreds of times off Ralph Fair Rd.  It's huge, and it's beautiful.  Katy said it reminded her of Terra, the plantation house in the movie "Gone With The Wind".  OMG, it does.  You can almost see Rhett Butler carrying Vivien Lee up the stairs. It's one of those venues that I've always wanted to shoot a wedding at.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sweet Sixteen in San Antonio

The sun was bright...  too bright really.  Photographers love sunlight... but not when it's shining down from straight up causing strange shadows on the face.

There have been times in my life when I've looked at the bright sun at mid-day, shook my fist and said "I will defeat you!  I will take good pictures despite your harsh light!!"

Sometimes I get lucky and find a little shade, and then sometimes I time the click of the shutter when the harsh sun goes behind a cloud.  

It was also hot... not just a little uncomfortable hot, but Vietnam Jungle hot.  But I can't complain, because my client was wearing a 20 lb gown.  I can't imagine how hot it was... but she never complained. Not once.  By the time we were finished, my shirt was soaked.  I came home and took a cool shower, and anxiously looked at the images.  There have been times when I think I nail a shot, and then when I get it on the computer I'm not happy with it.  This time, I got some shots that I'm proud of.