Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is Boudoir Photography?

The word "Boudoir" is French. It is literally translated as "bedroom" but is used when referring to a 'Lady's Bedroom'. Boudoir photography is not new, although the popularity and public acceptance is on the rise.
Ever since the caveman realized that he enjoyed looking at the cavewoman, he had reproduced those images for his own enjoyment. Even when photography was in its infancy, Boudoir photography was popular in Europe. Servicemen returning from World War II prized their "French Postcards" as much as they did their battlefield trophies. The French Postcards were pictures of women wearing stockings and negligees and posed seductively. I like to think of Boudoir Photography as an art form that is an intimate gift a woman can give to a special someone in their life. A sad truth is that you'll never look as good as you do right now. What could be a better gift than beautiful sexy photographs that will last forever? Many brides will book a boudoir session for the perfect wedding day gift to her new husband. Some women enjoy a boudoir session just for themselves and to have pictures that make them feel sexy and romantic. Whatever the reason for booking the session, my job as a photographer is to make you feel incredibly beautiful before and after the session. You can have your boudoir session in your own bedroom, or in a studio. Contact me on my website to schedule your session!

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