Friday, August 9, 2013

Father / Son Time at the San Antonio Zoo

When life is busy, sometimes I neglect the little things.  In this case, the little one being my son Collin. This past Tuesday, I didn't have any appointments so we decided to have a father/son day and go to the San Antonio Zoo.  

This was Collin's second visit to the zoo.  He has a book of zoo animals, and it's one of his favorite books, so he was really excited to go visit the animals again.  He just turned three, so it was also a good excuse for me to take my backup camera and take some pictures of him.

(if anyone reads this) Someone will be thinking "Why did he take his 'backup' camera?  Lately I've been very paranoid about carrying my full frame Nikon with me when I shoot personal pictures.  I like to keep it in the case for paid shoots.  My backup camera is a Nikon D3100 which is still a pretty good camera.  Just in case a monkey grabs my camera and feeds it to an ostrich, I won't lose sleep over it.

 We had a lot of fun watching the monkeys, and the Africa exhibit had a huge water tank where you could watch the hippos swimming.  One of them stopped and looked at Collin, and literally posed for a portrait with me.

The D3100 has video, but I didn't take any video footage here.  I should have, because the elephant was doing a little dance for us.  It was pretty cool.

Yeah... that's the spot... right there..

Collin wanted to show me how the lions ROAR

This one is my favorite of the day.  Happy birthday kiddo.

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