Thursday, September 12, 2013

Move Over Spielberg!!

Well that wasn't so hard!  I just made a video to promote some of the products that I offer to brides.  One of my cameras has decent video capabilities, and I've never really done much with it.  I finally decided that I needed something to show customers my albums, so I sat down, set up my camera on a tripod, and hit the "Record" button.  

It sort of reminded me of my days when I was a radio DJ.  Back when I was in High School my life long dream was to be a DJ on the radio.  By my senior year, I was working at a local radio station.  I learned that talking "cold" (without reading the copy) was hard.  So I did this video cold.  I didn't want it to sound like I was reading a script.  So as a result, there are more pauses and stuttering and stammering than an Obama speech.  

I'm happy with it.  Maybe people will have an idea about my albums now.  I still have this dream that potential customers look at my website and blog. LOL. I can dream right?  Lights.... Camera.... Action!!

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