Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hating On WordPress

I added Wordpress to my website because my webhost (GoDaddy) made it easy. One click to install a blog. I'm not new to blogging, I was an addict to the old Yahoo 360 blog tool. I used to blog all the time.
Writing helped me through tough times as I suspect it does for so many people. I had never used Wordpress, although I suppose I have seen other people's WP blogs, and thought it looked pretty cool. Once I installed it, I went crazy trying different themes... It took a long time to find a theme I liked. Then I started trying to use it. Now, I consider myself to be pretty technically savvy... I'm a geek. I write html, javascript, and php code off the top of my head when I do website design. But PUH-LEEZE.... this Wordpress admin area was one of the worst user interfaces I've ever seen! Just writing text was easy enough I suppose, but adding pictures to it... which is what I wanted my blog to be about... was impossibly hard. I would add a picture, and then click PUBLISH... and Poof... my pictures were gone. So far... I think I'm going to like this Google Blogger tool. In my imagination, I see myself writing something and it is seen by millions of people, and the fans overload my mailbox with praise. In reality... I seriously doubt that more than a few people will ever see this blog. But like my Yahoo 360 days, it will be cheap therapy. I can write, and get things off my chest, and then go for a ride on the Harley and all will be good in the universe again.

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