Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gone for the Summer

This morning was bittersweet. Judi and I took her daughter Kelly to the airport. She spends her summers in Michigan with her father. I understand how that works. I divorced when my son was very young, so I was only a part-time dad as he was growing up. It was painful at times. I guess it's a situation that affects so many families. I was never close to my father for the same reason. The only time I saw my father growing up were the short visits.
Kelly was nervous... I know she was excited to see her father, but at the same time, it must be rough to leave everything and go somewhere for 3 months. Judi was on edge too. The only positive thing out of situations like this is that the divorced parents get along for the sake of the kids. So many times, I see divorced couples who want to continue fighting for years after the divorce, using the kids like little weapons they can lob at each other. Before she left, Kelly and Judi had some fun last night, coloring Kelly's hair from her natural blonde to an auburn red. She looked great! I was able to take a few pictures last night. I saw a photoshop special effect the other day on YouTube that I wanted to try with Kelly. It turned out pretty good...
It's a technique that makes it look like the person has a floating orb of energy. If any of my photoshop friends would like to see the video on how it's done, here is the link: YouTube Video - Light Energy Ball There's no narration... it's just watching the guy do the technique. If you have some intermediate skills on PS, you should be able to follow along with no problem. I also took a portrait picture of her... nothing fancy, no studio lights, just on camera flash. It turned out pretty good too, but I wanna re-touch it a little bit, and I'll post it later today. I've got an engagement session this weekend with one of my best friends, Tiffany, who, after being involved with a few MAJOR jerks, finally found a guy that is a real gentleman and a class act. (he's also a fireman, but I don't hold that against him) Those pics should be great! They are a cute couple with a lot of personality, so I'm excited about that. [Current Music: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac]

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