Thursday, July 12, 2012

JD and Doris Hahn

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting one of the nicest, down to earth couples ever. JD and Doris Hahn. I had a great time doing their engagement session at Hemisfair park, and this was no different. We were at the Embassy Suites Hotel on I-10. (Note to self: San Antonio traffic will always be bad, even on Saturday!) Yes, it was crazy getting there since I-35 had turned into a parking lot.

The Preacher

The ceremony was going to be in the atrium area where there is a huge fountain.  It was a small, intimate wedding.  I met with the preacher to see if he had any special rules for me.  I didn't get his business card (damn it!) but this guy was very cool.  The area where the bride and groom would stand was going to be a little cramped, and I told him I didn't want to interfere with his ceremony.  He told me to do whatever I needed to do, to get the shot.  I REALLY like this guy.

When Doris stepped off the elevator, I could see that she was nervous.  Her maid of honor kept telling her "Breathe... this will all be over in just a few minutes... Breathe!"  She looked gorgeous!  Her son escorted her down the isle.  He looked handsome in his purple shirt!  The dress was full length and so pretty.  During the ceremony, JD's and Doris' children all poured different colors of sand into a small heart shape container.  The preacher said that as the grains of sand mix, they can never be separated into individual colors again... just as this family has become.  I thought that was poetic.  It has special meaning for me too.

Cake Topper

After the ceremony, we moved into one of the Hotel's banquet rooms (Ahhhh... great air conditioning!) and it had been meticulously decorated.  I loved the centerpiece of the cake... a bride dragging the groom on the ground.  I laughed out loud.  I generally don't eat at the weddings I shoot... too busy, and I've got my dietary stuff... but they fixed me a plate, and it was yummy.  The hotel did the catering I think... (I should know these things before I write my blog, eh?) but whoever cooked it, knocked a home run.  It was yummy.

As usual, you can view all of the photos from the Hahn wedding on my gallery at R Spears Photography Gallery - Hahn

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