Saturday, October 20, 2012

Romance and Chivalry and Cops

It was a hot afternoon, filled with Romance, Chivalry, and getting hassled by a security guard... But clearly, it was a fun afternoon..

I had been to Commanche Lookout Park before.. it has lots of trails, and is one of the highest points in Bexar County.  Some of my friends dragged me there years ago at night.

This time it was to photograph an engagement session for Hillary and Todd.  When Hillary told me how he had proposed... with a trail of rose petals leading to the ring, I knew this would be a fun couple to photograph.  It's nice to know that Romance is not dead.  This couple has lots of romance.

We walked along the trails of Commanche Lookout Park seeking shelter from the hot sun, and the glaring light.  Every spot where we found a little shade was a good spot to stop, take pictures, and talk a little.  This would be a mixed marriage.  He's a Texas Tech Red Raider, and she's a Texas A&M Aggie.  After hiking at least 20 miles... no, it was probably a mile or two, but at my age, it felt like more... we decided to head downtown to the Riverwalk and the Alamo.

We had just taken a picture in front of the Alamo, when an "Alamo Ranger" (a fancy name for a security guard) approached me and asked me if I had a permit to photograph.  I looked at the other 20 tourists taking pictures around us, and said, "uh... no"  He said I needed a permit.  Turns out, anyone with a long lens on their camera looks professional and needs a permit.  Fine...  But since I didn't have a permit, he said he would "escort me off the property".  Oh well.. I got the shot anyway.

All in all, it was a fun shoot, and I think I got some really good pictures of a couple in love.  Here's a slide show of the pictures that can be viewed in my gallery R Spears Photography Gallery

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