Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Braunfels Photo Session

Although I consider my specialty to be wedding photography, I do like taking pictures for commercial work, and portraits.  I was truly honored when my friend JJ called me and said he needed some pictures for his commercial website to advertise his wrecker service.  

It was a good shoot, even though the sun was a little harsh, I think I got some good ones.  JJ said he liked my HDR work, so I took some multiple exposures of his truck (I do 5 exposure HDR brackets).  My favorite one of the day, was when I posed JJ and his wife back to back in front of the wrecker.  It reminded me of some of those "reality" shows on TV where a camera crew follows the wrecker companies around, and they try to pose like tough guys.

It wasn't all business...I caught the two of them cuddling (they're newlyweds) and snapped a picture off.  They are a really cute couple together:
I'm anxious to see the pictures on his website.  When they are posted, I'll post a link here.  If anyone in the New Braunfels/San Marcos/Schertz area ever needs a wrecker, give them a call.  His wife Alex is a makeup artist, and she may do some work with me on weddings.  

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