Monday, February 25, 2013

Eric and Sheila - Wedding Engagement In San Antonio

Eric is a very careful, deliberate man.  I like that, because I'm much the same way.  When he is around his fiancee', I see a different side of Eric, he has the ability to make Sheila giggle hysterically any time he wants.  As a photographer, that's like working a real magic wand.  Sheila is very quiet (except when Eric gets her giggling) and shy.  

I had a fun idea when I found out that their wedding venue was going to be at the beautiful Canyon Springs Golf club/resort.  It's not really an original idea (are there really any truly original ideas?) because I saw a picture like this.  But I imagined seeing the guy on the ground with a golf tee in his teeth, balancing a golf ball, while his lady stands over him about to swing a massive driver.

I kept thinking "Naw... he'll never go for it."  Just in case, I went to the golf pro shop and told the manager about my idea.  He loved it.  He loaned me the props I needed.  Golf club - check.  Golf ball, check.  Wooden tee - check.  Now all I needed was a willing couple.  

They have a waterfall at the club.  It's the coolest thing I've ever seen at a golf club.  We did our shots in front of the waterfall, and they came out great.  I even pulled off a few sun flare shots that always give me hell.  As we're finishing up, I say the magic words... "Would you guys be willing to do a fun, goofy shot?"  Imagine my surprise when they both thought it was a cool idea.  

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