Monday, March 18, 2013

Hillary and Todd Wedding in Boerne at the Happy H Ranch

I should have known.  The weatherman on TV said it was going to rain. said 75% chance of rain that afternoon and evening.  Everyone said it would rain.  I looked at the sky and thought "it's going to rain"  Hillary looked at me and said "It's not going to rain on my wedding"   Never argue with a woman who has a connection upstairs.

I've been looking forward to this wedding for a long time.  I met Hillary and Todd last fall when I did their engagement pictures.  That day the temperature got up to around 140 degrees.  Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but not much.  It was hot.  It was jungle in Viet Nam hot.  My shirt was drenched from sweat, and that is NOT a pretty picture.  That was also the day that the police threw us out of Alamo plaza, so it's etched in my memory for things other than the weather.

They are a great couple.  I jokingly described it as a mixed marriage.  She's a Texas Aggie.  He's a Red Raider from Lubbock's Texas Tech University.  For those reading who don't know, there's no such thing as someone from Texas A&M (aggie) who is just a little fond of their school.  They take the word fanatical to a whole new level.  

The wedding venue was one that I'd never been to before.  It was the Happy H Ranch near Comfort Texas.  It's owned by the Hughes family, and they are perfect hosts.  It is an incredibly beautiful venue, and I look forward to more photography there.

One of the aspects of this wedding that I truly enjoyed was doing a "First Look" with Hillary and her father.  He hadn't seen her in her dress.  We staged the first look on the porch of the bunk house where Hillary was getting ready.  As Mr. Bibb turned around, he saw his youngest daughter, looking beautiful in her wedding dress walking toward him.  He and I were both in tears.  To say that she looked beautiful was an understatement.  

Hillary's dress was inspired by one of her favorite books and movie, "Pride and Prejudice".  Then there were her sisters.  You had to look twice... They are not triplets (Hillary is the youngest) but they look almost identical.  And they kept me laughing the whole day.  I've shot a lot of weddings, but I can say that I haven't had this much fun... ever.  It was an epic wedding.

Oh, and the weather?  It was cloudy and overcast, but not a drop came down until almost the end of the reception.  I couldn't believe it didn't rain.  Hillary just looked at me and smiled and said "Jesus loves me"

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