Friday, June 7, 2013

Bridal Portraits at Kendall Plantation

I met Katy and her fiance' on the Riverwalk when I shot their engagement pictures.  She told me that her wedding venue was the Kendall Plantation.  

I've been to the Kendall Plantation, and I've driven past it hundreds of times off Ralph Fair Rd.  It's huge, and it's beautiful.  Katy said it reminded her of Terra, the plantation house in the movie "Gone With The Wind".  OMG, it does.  You can almost see Rhett Butler carrying Vivien Lee up the stairs. It's one of those venues that I've always wanted to shoot a wedding at.

I was so excited when I unloaded all my camera equipment at the Plantation.  I was greeted by the security officer.... well, I assume it was the security... it was a little black pug dog, who loves to have his ears scratched.

Katy and her mother Tammy arrived, and I was amazed at how pretty Katy's dress is.  We started shooting some natural light portraits by a window that came out beautiful.  Tammy showed me something in the bride's dressing room that I didn't expect...  a claw-foot bathtub.  We had to use that in the pictures!

We also found something else that was cool.  An old rusty Chevrolet truck, just rotting in a tin garage behind the property.  That would make an interesting picture too!  It was a great shoot, and we got some really pretty pictures.  I hope you agree:

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