Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Cats are Plotting To Kill Me...

Okay... maybe it's my imagination, but why is it that whenever I'm a little late on feeding the cats, they look at me like they are going to kill me later?  They are used to getting their breakfast by 8 am, and this morning it's Fathers Day... so I'm being kind of laid back.  It was an awesome wedding last night, and I'm sore.

So I get up a little late (for me) and I'm sitting at the computer, and I realize that all the cats are staring at me through the window.  They're not saying anything that I can hear...  but maybe they're sending telepathic messages that are screaming "It's past 9:00!! Feed us now, or we will slit your throat!!"

Harley is my dog.  I'm a dog guy.  She's a great dane.  She's the most laid back dog in the world.  If I'm late with her dinner, she still thanks me.  I guess that's the difference between dogs and cats.  

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