Friday, June 1, 2012

Stock Photography, Here I come!

I'm branching out... I'm going to try stock photography. For those of you who don't know the 'lingo'... stock photography is a business that let's people (usually web designers) buy stock images to use in advertising.
A lot of photographers look down on this type of stuff because... well, it's boring stuff, and when someone does like and buy one of your pictures to use... the photographer might get .75 for it. That's not seventy five dollars... that's seventy five cents. I guess if you had a lot of them, it might add up. I bought a stock photo once for one of my craigslist ads. I didn't have a picture of a graduate wearing a cap and gown, so I bought this one. It cost me around 5 bucks for the licensing to use it for my own advertising, and like I said, the photographer gets less than a dollar. Advertisers want pictures of boring things. When I looked through the most popular images at the most popular ones were pictures of roosters, two hands shaking, a kid jumping in the air like he's yelling "Yippeee!!" and stuff like that.
I think I uploaded 10 or so pictures for them to consider. I'm ready for the rejection slip. I've read that they reject most pictures that are submitted. Denied before anyone ever has the chance not to buy it. We'll see. I even found some boring pictures of chickens. Watch... that will be the one they take.

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