Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love is in the Air... Tiffany and Travis

I had an incredible engagement session with Tiffany and Travis on Sunday.  Since I had other commitments, it was a fast session, but we got some really beautiful pictures of two people who just radiate love for each other.

It's funny... when you're around a couple that has such strong energy between them... you can feel it.  For almost an hour after the shoot ended, I felt as giddy as they were.  There was a moment when I posed him standing behind her and he was whispering something in her ear, and she closed her eyes in bliss.  I felt like I was peeking in on a moment that was private... I hope the energy of that moment is conveyed in the picture.

Travis is a firefighter and a helicopter pilot.  I have a lot of respect for firefighters.  It is truly a noble profession, and he is just the nicest guy.  I've known Tiffany for over 5 years.  She has had some difficult relationships, and it is so good to see her this happy.  You can see the best of this shoot on my gallery http://www.rspearsphotography.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=12 .

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