Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thomas Wedding

I had the most incredible wedding on Saturday. Rod and Lorna are nursing teachers at one of the local vocational nursing schools. They also ride a Harley, so I already felt as if we were related!  They are two of the nicest and sweetest people you could ever meet.  They asked me if I could do some special shots before or after the wedding ceremony... they wanted to make sure they got some pictures with their kids.  Not of themselves... the grown kids.  I did my best on the family portraits.

It was a laid back wedding at a little wine restaurant in Bulverde.  It's called Wine 101.  Beautifully decorated, but sort of a lighting nightmare.  There were strong lights hanging from the ceiling, and other areas were dark.  I set up some off-camera strobes, and hoped for the best.  Some of the shots came out too dark, others were blown out over-exposed.  Some of the pictures hit the bulls-eye.

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